Collection: ALPA SALOTTI Collections from Italy

ALPA SALOTTI was founded by Ferri Rocco in 1956 who was a pioneer in the production and marketing of upholstered furniture. A history of entirely Italian artisan tradition with 60 years of experience.


The know-how has been handed down to the new generations that carry on the culture of well-made. Each product is handmade, subjected to rigorous quality controls giving it a unique, exclusive value and excellent characteristics, totally Made in Italy.


Great artisan tradition, use of noble leathers and high quality fabrics, together with research in continuous evolution, are the values that have always distinguished ALPA SALOTTI creations.

ALPA SALOTTI is not only a company, but a partner with which to grow day after day, sharing projects, ideas, know-how, experiences and everything related to the world of upholstered furniture. ALPA the real made in Italy, a certificate of guarantee and quality.

ALPA SALOTTI can boast a brand of great international appeal, a symbol of the highest quality and tailoring, with handmade stitching, exclusive hides and fine fabrics, totally Made in Italy.

The brand is ANTONIO FERRI, which is aimed at customers who love to own a unique and distinctive product.

The Alpa style 

The functionality of Alpa sofas are among the most fascinating features you can fall in love with.

Discover the variety of functions that lies behind the refined design of these sofas: large and comfortable seats, reclining backs and armrests and an unlimited number of relaxing positions exactly in line with your desires.