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ALPA SALOTTI - Henry Collection

ALPA SALOTTI - Henry Collection

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HENRY  - 100% MADE IN ITALY  - It has arrived and now in stock


Henry is the sofa that changes every day, according to your needs. You can leave the backrests lowered or raise them, changing the volumes to your liking.

Choose whether to rest on the "classic" model, with the armrest at the same height as the backrest or to rest your head on a higher backrest, suitable for supporting the neck.

The sofa rests on steel feet, which raise the seat in an elegant way.

Sartorial attitude.

Thanks to the leather string placed on the diagonal of the armrest, the henry sofa takes on an absolute and distinctive elegance in the living environment.

The Alpa philosophy is best expressed in modern lines and in the attention to details finished with special attention.

And this is why henry is the most popular sofa, an excellent example of our way of working. Highlights cushion with vertical leather string.

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LAF CHAISE LOUNGE +RAF SOFA - COLOR #EBEL 33 beige/ #72 camel accents

RAF CHAISE LOUNGE +LAF SOFA - COLOR #EBEL 17 snow white/ #40 grey accents


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