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Denmark - Skovby SM 236 Coffee Table/Dining Table

Denmark - Skovby SM 236 Coffee Table/Dining Table

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Skovby #236 coffee table with an extraordinary flexibility

 In-stock now!  Walnut finish oil finish and Walnut Lacquered finish.

From coffee table to dining table. Quite simple!
You can elevate the Skovby #236 coffee table to exactly the height you want and even transform it into a dining table!

Simply press the small switch under the coffee tabletop and the battery-powered electric system elevates the coffee table to the just height you want, - in one sliding movement. Therefore it is not necessary to remove things from your coffee table before elevating it.

The pure elliptical shape completed by a base plate in brushed steel gives the coffee table a simple and elegant expression that will never be unfashionable.

The function of the Skovby #236 coffee table is controlled by an electric motor powered by a heavy-duty, long-life, rechargeable battery.

Also available with white laminate tabletop

The coffee table is also available with a white laminate tabletop and a base of oak white oil finish. The laminate has an incredibly hardwearing, silk matt surface and is very practical and easy to clean. 


Price varies by selection of wood finishes and veneer or solid wood options.


135 cm/ 53"
77 cm/ 30"
49 - 71 cm/ 19.3 - 28"


Care and maintenance

Improper care and maintenance can damage your furniture!

Far too many of the problems that arise with furniture, is a result of improper maintenance and/or as a result of an inaccurate or incomplete information when purchasing the furniture..

Please follow the recommendations as to daily care and maintenance of your Skovby furniture in the attached leaflet.

You can also read more about care and maintenance in the menu under "Care and maintenance

Assembly instructions;

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