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Fjords - Hans Recliner Chair w/Battery- in stock

Fjords - Hans Recliner Chair w/Battery- in stock

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Fjords Hans

The ambition was to create a contemporary design with an unrivalled seating comfort. The dual motorized design provides continuous support for your legs and back, with independent control of the footrest and back position, with bases which swivel. Available in all our leathers, Hans features a slim, classic modern look with Wood accent panels and matching wood base, and a manual release adjustable headrest. The chair is available in two sizes, medium and large.

Design: Olav Eldøy

Motorized versions- both sizes:

QUICK SHIP COLOR & IN BOTH SIZES:   small & large size - IN-STOCK NOW.

AL CEMENT/beechwood walnut finish. med. and large in stock.



Battery is included - the chair can be used with the battery or can leave the power cord plugged to the wall outlet. 

Hans Small/Large

W: 33,9″, 35,8″
H: 40,9″, 43,3″
D: 36,2″, 37″
SH: 16,9″, 17,7″
SD: 19,7″, 20,5″

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