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Spanning the globe, Feizy has been bringing show-stopping, award-winning products to an extensive range of customers for 50 years. From Old World to New World and everywhere in between, we offer handmade, machine-made, and One-of-a-Kind rugs meticulously designed and handpicked to suit an eclectic, discerning, and dynamic world.

As this ever-changing world unfolds, we evolve with it, bringing newer collections showcasing the best in style, craftsmanship, innovation, and technology. The consumer demands such versatility and we deliver without compromising the integrity prevalent in the most exclusive to the most affordable of our offerings. The same passion for rug making that began in 1973 can be seen in every knot, every tuft, and every finish of our luxury Fine Collections as well as our more accessible Lifestyles Collections.

We warmly appreciate our partners who bring these exquisitely-crafted products to everyday lives both as home fashion and as long-treasured family heirlooms.

All rugs come in many sizes and colors and some will have option in round sizes. Please check out for all selections available and we'll be happy to check stock and cost.


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